With all the complex playoff scenarios, yesterday’s NFL games were like the playoffs. Here are the teams…
1 Broncos
2 Patriots
3 Bengals
4 Colts
5 Chiefs
6 Chargers

1 Seahawks
2 Panthers
3 Eagles
4 Packers
5 49’ers
6 Saints

In the AFC the Colts will play the Chiefs in a rematch from 2 weeks ago that the Colts won. This will occur on Sunday. The next game is the Chargers @ the Bengals. The. Bengals are 8-0 at home this year and every win was a huge win. I predict the Bengals and Chiefs will advance in the playoffs. The Bengals and Chiefs have great defenses with many pro-bowlers (who were just announced) and the Chiefs have the explosive Jamaal Charles in both, the passing and running game and QB Alex Smith can play possession while coach, Andy Reid can mix it all up. The Bengals have a great defense that includes tackles leader ago gaze Burfict and many pick machines. There offense can score, but QB Andy Dalton need to play more possession because he has 20 interceptions on the season. But watch out for WR, A.J Green because he can get Andy Dalton’s deep passes for TD’s. Listen to this, the lower seed (which is above), that wins will play the Broncos and the other team will play the Patriots away from home.
In the NFC, the Eagles will play the Saints in Philly and the Packers will play the 49’ers at home. I predict the 9’ers and Eagles will go on. The 49’ers have a terrific defense like there Super Bowl team last year. There offense is great with 2 explosive WR’s in Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree and great TE, Vernon Davis. There QB Colin Kaepernick is great , but he does not finish with many yards and can have possession problems. I believe the Eagles will win because of 2 people, QB Nick Foles and RB LeSean McCoy. McCoy won the rushing title this year and can be used tremendously in the passing and running game. They have Nick Foles who can run in the pocket and throw deep or short on the run and he has WR, DeSean Jackson who can turn short passes into celebrations in the end-zone. Same thing, the lowest wining seed will play the Seahawks and the other team will play the Panthers.
Today is black Monday in the NFL, the day when owner part ways with the ruler of the squad, the coach. Crazy free-agency, where my Jets who finished with the 18th pick of the draft. That’s a top three non-playoff team who was projected to be the worst- of the- worst . Will feast on some superstars. They need a QB, RB, TE, DB, and most importantly a WR core. Their WR core did not help this year. So far Browns coach Rob Chudsinski was fired and Texans coach, Gary Kubiak completely fell to their high expectations and he was fired a few weeks ago. The Texans hold the 1st pick of the NFL draft.
Yesterday’s games were very exciting. We had Aaron Rodgers return to the field, just in time for a scary, win or go home vs the Bears. On a 4th and 8 with less than a minute remaining, the Bears played man with the 4 receivers and put everyone else upfront. Rodgers stepped up and out of the pocket chucked it deep to Randall Cobb who also returned from long term injury this week scored the GW TD. In the same scenario game for the Eagles and Cowboys, backup QB who started for the ‘boys, Kyle Orton played a good game but threw a game sealing pick to lose the game. Also the Steelers almost made the post season with very hard expectations. Only 1 thing failed, a chargers loss, the Chargers won in OT thanks to 2 mistakes by the refs. 1 on a FG, and the other on a fake punt in OT.
Conclusion: this season was awesome. My Fantasy team was on a roll… But I caught bad luck and lost my last 3 to finish in 4th. Still, I claim I had the best team on paper and I am the waiver magician, I made. 3 trades and 65 total transactions. 🙂 my favorite was Julius Thomas who I picked up after a monster week 1. We have all seen everything from Broncos QB, Peyton Manning breaking the TD, yards records for QB’s and his offense broke the Patriots record for points in a season. We saw a 2-14 team, the Chiefs make the playoffs and go 11-5. We saw rookie (WR)’s, Cordarrlle Patterson and Tavon Austin take hand-offs 60+ yards to the End-Zone. And we saw back-ups play big roles and affect playoff teams chances of winning and we saw injuries that affected the outcome of the season. The season is not over, expect many surprises in the playoffs.