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Over the course of the past two weeks, I’ve worked extremely hard on my 2018/19 NFL Preview with an overview for ALL 32 TEAMS as well as a playoff and Super Bowl LIII prediction. . . . If you want to check that out, ALL POSTS are on my Instagram (@coleonsports) for viewing! . . . Enjoy the...

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Breaking Down the Teddy Bridgewater Trade

First and foremost, Jets fans should, and do appreacriate everything Teddy did for the franchise in the short few months he spent in Green. He was a true professional, mentor, inspiration, kept the QB battle interesting and of course got us a third rounder for his services. The kid only deserves to start and star in this league. When it comes down to the trade, I LOVE it for both the Jets and Saints. For New Orleans, Teddy provides them an elite backup for Brees this season, and likely a long term, very safe replacement for the former champ...

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How the Jets Should Address their Quarterback Situation

Whether you want to believe it or not, the New York Jets are FINALLY in a “positive” QB situation heading into the season. They possess a veteran in Josh McCown coming off a career year, a former first rounder in Teddy Bridgewater who just had an excellent preseason, and No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold who is apparently “NFL-ready” at only age 20. . . . With all this good though, the Jets must make a huge decision on who should stay and start for this team. Here’s my take on what my beloved Jets should do… . ....

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Reacting to Summer 2018’s Biggest Headlines

After seven weeks genuinely disconnected from the world of sports and social media, I’m finally all caught up and ready to return to the Instagram grind. But first though, I’d like to provide my reaction to the biggest headlines of Summer 2018. . . . NBA: Starting with the Awards, I was very disappointed to find out LeBron was robbed of MVP by Harden. I may work on a story later on voicing my take on the value of MVP awards in sports. Simmons was very deserving of ROY and I don’t want to hear the “he’s not a...

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NBA Draft Highlights and Reaction

If I had to describe last night’s draft in one word it would be conservative. Almost every pick was a low-risk one that filled an evident team need. With that, here’s my overall reaction of the 2018 NBA Draft. . . . . . PG’s: I really liked Dallas’ move to trade up for Doncic considering how beneficial Dirk can be for him in his transition to the NBA, which was the biggest factor holding him back in any way. Trae Young also enters a team with a clear cut opportunity to be the star just as he did...

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