Author: Cole Nevins

What is Wrong with Manchester United and What is Next?

  View this post on Instagram   With a chance to put themselves in great position for fourth place in the Premier League – which would clinch them a spot back in Champions League – after Tottenham lost yesterday; classic Manchester United crapped the bed this morning, losing 4-0 to Everton in a disgraceful showing. After the horrific loss, in addition to many other inexcusable losses in their recent stretch of six losses in their past eight games – it may be safe to count the Reds out from a Champions League return; the main goal. But more importantly,...

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My Thoughts on the V. A. R. Debate; Is it Ruining Football? Or is Getting the Call Right Always More Important?

  View this post on Instagram   After yesterday’s gut-wrenching Manchester City v Tottenham Champions League knockout match ended in a disallowed goal due to V. A. R., it only added fuel to the fire into the debate over the technology’s increasing use in football / soccer. . . . For context, “VAR” stands for Video Assistant Refereeing. In simpler terms for my non-football / soccer followers; it’s common replay review of controversial plays, like what we have in the four major sports. . . . There are two sides to this debate. The first are the traditionalist fans,...

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My Reaction to Your Opinions on Colin Kaepernick

  View this post on Instagram   Yesterday I posted four opinionated polls concerning Colin Kaepernick just to see your opinions. After seeing your responses, I thought I would make a post with my opinions so let’s get into it. 1.) According to 57% of you, you would NOT feel bad if Kaep never played again in the NFL and I agree. To put it simply, it has NOTHING to do with politics. It’s just that he made the decision to sabotage his career and he should – and probably did – know the potential effect on his career...

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View this post on Instagram January was a big month for ColeOnSports. We successfully kicked off my podcast with five episodes (now six after last night) and have an awesome path going forward in terms of getting people on the show. . . . It has been hectic in terms of my time to post EVERYTHING I want to, but I wanted to kind of organize my takes by making a post recapping my biggest ones of January! . . . My biggest and boldest from every sport is included on this post. —— Comment below your thoughts and...

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