Author: Cole Nevins

Why the Jets Should NOT Offer a Massive Deal to Kirk Cousins

This offseason, the Jets have the golden opportunity to finally find their franchise QB, as they’ve had a gaping hole at the position for nearly fifty years now, and come into this spring with nearly $80M in cap, and a top 6 draft pick. And to top it off, they’re picking from an extremely strong, and deep QB free agent and draft class to fill that void in NY. Reports surfaced today that the Jets will go “all-in” for Kirk Cousins – the undisputed top QB choice for this offseason – and offer all they have for his services....

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Is Baker Mayfield Really “The Next” Johnny Manziel?

“He could learn from me.” In a recent interview on the Barstool Sports PMT podcast, former Heisman trophy recipient, first round pick, and Browns QB, Johnny Manziel, made it CLEAR that he will do everything in his power to keep potential first round pick Baker Mayfield, from following in the troubling footsteps he left behind. Manziel, 25, has been out of the NFL for years following his release by Cleveland, and announced he’s working hard for a return to football on the Podcast and subsequent comments. His downfall from mega stardom to troubled NFL free agent was dominated by...

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Is Colin Kaepernick REALLY Being “Blackballed” by the NFL?

Disclaimer: I am taking the most non-political, football-only approach to this story. Colin Kaepernick, now a 30 year old free agent Quarterback, played his whole career up to his release with the 49ers, including a Super Bowl berth in 2012/13. The promising, young, electrifying, dual threat QB was just entering his prime, when suddenly the football aspect of his career was completely thrown out the window. During the preseason just a few seasons back, Colin took an extremely controversial stand for what he thought was right and stunned the nation. Kaep peacefully protested versus the National Anthem sparking a...

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WHY the Deadline Moves Cleveland Made were PERFECT

The moves may not have been ‘flashy’, but the Cavs absolutely nailed the trade deadline today. Coming into today’s deadline, we all expected Cleveland to make some sort of a ‘splash’ acquisition to supplement LeBron James, but they did the opposite – and the RIGHT thing. The Cavaliers acquired PG Jordan Clarkson, F Larry Nance Jr., PG George Hill, SF/SF Rodney Hood, and a 2nd RD selection today in three separate trades, while letting go of PG Isaiah Thomas, F Channing Frye, SG Iman Shumpert, PG Derrick Rose, SF Jae Crowder, SG Dwayne Wade, and THEIR 2018 1st RD...

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How are the Vegas Golden Knights Doing THIS Good?

With their OT win over the Winnipeg Jets last night, the Golden Knights improved to a historical 34-12-2 record, becoming the first NHL franchise to win 33+ games in their first season… and they did this in UNDER 50 games! When following Vegas’ journey into the league this past year, I followed their moves very closely and came to one conclusion; they were building this team to win. We all called their owner crazy when he said their Stanley Cup Title window was around 5-8 years, solely because of the fact that we’ve NEVER seen an expansion franchise do that well after just coming into the league. Not just...

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