Author: Cole Nevins

Why Mickey Callaway Will SAVE the Mets

Not often can a manager turn around the fate of an entire franchise. This past offseason the New York Mets closed the door on the Terry Collins era and penciled in former Indians Pitching Coach, Mickey Callaway, as their new manager. And let me tell you, as a long suffering Mets fan, this was by far one of the best moves they’ve made in such a long time only rivaled by the Yoenis Cespedes trade that fueled an eventual World Series run. For practically the past 55 years, the Mets have been plagued by bad luck, injuries, and poor...

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The Browns Didn’t Just Improve Today; they Sent a HUGE Message to the NFL

Today, the Browns went all out and acquired a stud wideout in Jarvis Landry, a very solid veteran bridge Quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, and a really underrated CB in Damarious Randall, all for almost nothing. They were three GENIUS moves by the new Browns executives, and they are for sure off to the right start, and taking a huge step forward. But not only did Cleveland improve talent wise today, but they sent a very important message out to the football world: this new Browns leadership is not looking to be a laughing-stock – they’re here to WIN. Subsequent...

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Why the Rangers Did ALL THE RIGHT THINGS this Trade Deadline

As a Rangers fan, it was not easy to swallow the fact that we NEEDED a rebuild as we’re consistently a playoff team year after year. But the Blueshirts were a mess, and it was time to blow it all up. Over the past week, New York dealt solid role players in Nick Holden and J.T. Miller, and stars in Mike Grabner, Rick Nash and captain Ryan McDonagh to kickstart their rebuild for the future. When you looked at the roster before the trades, the Rangers seemed like a solid enough playoff team to make the postseason. But that’s...

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Why the Recent NCAA x Arizona Allegations TREMENDOUSLY Benefit Lavar Ball

Maybe he knew this was coming all along! A few months ago, we all laughed at LaVar Ball’s outlandish plan to launch a league named the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) for players coming out of High School, looking to go pro as soon as possible. The perk of Lavar’s league was that the players not interested in an education could skip the one-and-done year of collegiate ball, and get PAID in Lavar’s league – something that the NCAA does not provide. Now following the recent terrible allegations from the FBI exposing colleges of paying players to commit to their...

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The REAL Reason Behind Why the NBA May Have to Implement a New Playoff Seeding Format

In an interview during All-Star Weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the possibility of a new playoff seeding format where instead of the top 8 teams from each conference making the postseason, the 16 best teams in the league make it seeded in order of best record. This is far from an outrageous or league altering change, and if anything – it could benefit the league. The obvious reason would be to assure that the best 16 would always compete for the title, eliminating the ongoing controversy of how overpowered the West is compared to the East. But...

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