Author: Cole Nevins

HOT TAKES of the Day…

For the first “Takes of the Day” segment, we’re going over Big Ben’s texts to Bell, the misconceptions with Lillard, the Warriors controversy and Melo. Please read the attached quotes as they’ll help understand my points, and comment your takes below! . . . . . 1.) Concerning Big Ben’s texts to Le’Veon about coming back to the team, I really think Bell ignoring them was another example of why I would NEVER sign him this offseason as a F/A. The guy is just a flat out self-centered a-hole. Don’t want a guy like that on a rebuilding squad....

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The REAL REASON WHY the Warriors are SO GOOD

I think it’s time to break down one of the most common misunderstandings in sports: WHY the Golden State Warriors are so good. . . . . . Don’t get me wrong, I am totally aware that they have five all-stars and are better than any team on paper by miles – yet there’s a much bigger reason why they are so successful. . . . This team is doing something that has been UNHEARD of for teams composed of an abundance of superstars in the past few decades, which is playing as a TEAM. . . . Yes,...

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2018/19 NBA Preview

After another hectic offseason, the 2018/19 season is underway tonight! Here’s a quick preview with my insight on each team! _____________ EASTERN CONFERENCE: . . . . . • I think Kawhi will be fine for TOR, and they’ll retain a top-two seed. He’ll remind many of how good he is. . . . • I believe we’ll see the vast improvement of Fultz this season, as well as Simmons’ jumper; two things that will excel PHI. . . . • BOS will remind us of how good they were last season. Call me crazy, but their style and...

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Personal Takeaway on the Connor x Khabib Post-Fight Drama

Tomorrow officially marks a week since the Connor v Khabib superfight; yet the only talk of this fight has been the drama sparked after McGregor tapped out and Khabib remained undefeated. . . . To catch up everyone who hasn’t followed the post-fight drama, here’s what’s gone on thus far: . . . * Khabib’s team members were arrested by the Vegas police * Connor wants a rematch * Khabib apoligized for his actions, and was publicly scolded by his father * Khabib also went out on Twitter calling out the UFC and threatening to leave the organization *...

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NFL Week Five: Power Rankings

After a somewhat quieter week of football, here are my NFL Power Rankings 5.0 heading into Week 6: . . . . . 32. SF -2 31. ARZ +1 29. BUF +1 28. OAK -1 27. IND -2 26. TB -2 25. DAL -6 24. ATL -8 23. NYG -1 22. DEN -9 21. NYJ +7 20. MIA -5 19. SEA +7 20. WSH -1 18. DET +4 17. HOU +8 16. BAL -9 15. CLE +6 14. PHI -3 13. TEN -7 12. LAC +3 11. PIT +7 10. CAR -1 9. GB -1 8. CHI +4 7....

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