Last night’s NBA draft was very deep and fun to watch. The teams made moves for future stars and increased their playoff chances. From #1-#60, these players can make one of the best classes ever. Unlike last year when 2nd rd. talent was found in the 1st. 1st rd. talent was all-around. Here is a little recap…

Yes, the “future LeBron” coming out of high school, Andrew Wiggins was chosen #1 by the Cavs, just like LeBron before his trip to south beach. If we talk about these LeBron F.A rumors it will take forever. Anyway, Wiggins has potential and is playing now for a young team with tons of potential. We’ll this may get LeBron to come back to Cleveland.  Good start for the Cavs…

We had some crazy trades in this draft, the hat switching was crazy. But 1 trade stood out above others, the Shabazz Napier trade. Napier coming off of his 2nd championship with UConn was selected by the Charlotte Hornets (You read that right), that would make a reunion of 2 UConn PG’s from the 1st championship, Kemba Walker. I was psyched after this pick and was excited for this young talented team. Plus I LOVE their new jerseys and logo as a logo freak. Back to the trade, he was traded to the MIAMI HEAT for the rights to future picks (they were made) PG- P.J Hariston out of the Texas Legends of the NBA D-League and Semaj Christon, a PG from Xavier. Hariston was an amazing D-League player after getting suspended from playing for UNC. He was the 1st D-League player to be drafted in the 1st rd. ever! About Napier, he is LeBron’s favorite player in the draft, no wonder the Heat made this trade! Thats called getting LeBron back. Really smart for the Heat…


Top 10 picks:

Andrew Wiggins

Jabari Parker

Joel Embiid

Aaron Gordon

Dante Exum

3 players from the BIG BLUE were picked (Nick Stauskas, Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson).

Yes, as a Knicks fan I am happy we stole a 1st rounder with the 34th pick, Cleanthony Early without trading a player from the Chandler trade. They also got Thiannis Atentkompunto. (That”s spelled wrong I think.) For know we can call him the Greek Freak so remember that because writing that name  when he’s gonna play great is too challenging.