ALMOST! Yesterday the Celtics and the Heat faced off. The Heat have a 22 game win streak (2nd longest ever) and the Celtics want to REALLY stop it. So, in the 1st quarter the Heat scored 19 points while the Celtics took a BIG lead scoring 31 points. Then the Heat came back scoring 34 but the Celtics still had 28 and Boston had the lead at half 58-53. Now the 2nd half was very close. The Heat scored 25 in the 3rd quarter while the Celtics scored 23. Now last but not least the 4th. The Celtics scored a heartbreaking 21 points while the Heat scored 27 and the Heat won 105-103! Now the players, LeBron James had 37 points, 7 rebounds and 12 assists. He led in all of those last night for the Heat. Celtics Jeff Green had 43 points which led the game. Despite the loss the Celtics showed they can beat a very good team.
Who will the heat lose to?