Peyton Manning is having arguably the best QB season in history. He broke Tom Brady’s TD pass record and is about 270-280 yards from the yards record. It might be reasonable to rest him for next week vs Oakland.
In the playoff picture, the Patriots, Broncos and Bengals clinched their divisions and the Chiefs clinched a wild-card spot. The Dolphins hold the #2 spot in the Wild-Card and the Ravens and Chargers are in the Hunt. They all have an 8-7 record. All the Divisions are clinched. In the NFC, the Eagles, Bears, Panthers and Seahawks lead their divisions. The Seahawks and Panthers are the only teams to clinch. In the wild card the 10-4 49ers and 10-5 Saints hold spots. The Cardinals and Cowboys are in the Hunt and the 9ers, Saints, Cards, Cowboys and Packers can take their division. The 9’ers play tonight vs the Falcons.