AGAIN!!!!! Yesterday #1Indiana faced off against unranked Illinois. If you barely think, Indiana is the clear winner but not so fast… For the past 5 weeks the new #1 team has lost including Duke 2x, Syracuse, Michigan and Indiana. But none have lost to a unranked team! Will the curse go on is the question. So… Indiana and Illinois were fighting over points over and over in the 1st half but then the Hoosiers took a big lead to lead 41-29. But in the 2nd half it turned around… Illinois was down by 8 with 2:08 left and they got 2 threes and a 2 to tie it. Well, with 20 sec left the Fighting ILLNI had the ball down by 2 and scored. The game was tied. . Indiana got a rebound, dribbled down the court in a fancy way but the ball slipped!!!! Illinois dribbled down and will they win? No it was blocked out of bounds with 00:.8 sec left! Will they win at the buzzer or go into OT! The Hoosiers got messed up in guarding and Tyler Griffey was WIDE open and scored. The Fighting ILLNI won!!!

Will the curse go on? Who will be the next number one?