This weekend was a Wild, Wild Card Weekend! The matchups are all set for next week! But a bigger event today, the Discover BCS National Championship! The Notre Dame Irish will play the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Football- Yesterday in Wild Card Weekend the Seattle Seahawks and Rookie QB Russell Wilson faced off against RGIII and the Redskins. The Redskins got of to a good start in the 1st Q but then everything went wrong. After throwing a TD RGIII was hit by a Seahawks defender and injured. Griffin III still stayed in the game. But the 2nd half was disastrous for the Redskins. Wilson played his A-game in the 3rd and 4th Q and RG3 was injured again on a missed snap. That cost them the game. The final score was SEA 24 – WAS 14.

In his last home game Ray Lewis and the Ravens battled against the 11-win Indianapolis Colts. The Colts had a hard time getting up field in the game. They settled for 3 FG’s while the Ravens scored 24 points in a 24-9 win.

College Football – All those bowls are done now. But here’s the biggest one… The BCS national championship! The undefeated Irish will face – off against the 1 loss Alabama Crimson Tide. To me it feels like Alabama makes it every year! Well maybe it’s true. Bama is such a great team and they deserve it. But Notre Dame really earned this moment. The Irish did great this season. Both teams have great Defense’s! This will be a GREAT matchup.