NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell had some idea’s to shape up the NFL. One of them is to banish the extra-point. You probably see 1 extra point missed every season. ” It is almost automatic ” Goodell remarked. His idea would be every TD would be 7 points, not 6. Then you have to take a offensive play like a 2 point conversion, if you make it, you are awarded a point, if you miss you go to a 6 point TD. It make it more exciting because you have the threat to lose a point. Goodell also is wanting to make a London team and expand the playoffs. Maybe even make a few expansion teams? You never know what the man who was booed at every draft will amazingly do.
49’ers star LB Navarro Bowman officially tore his ACL and MCL in Sunday’s game vs Seattle. Bowman will most likely be ready for week 1.
Former Chiefs coach who led them to an NFL worst 2-14 record in his 1st year and got fired, Romeo Crennel signed with the Texans for their DC job. The Texans are really in a rebuilding process.
The 1st ever pro-bowl draft which is unconferenced will take place on Wednesday when hall-of-famers Jerry Rice and Dion Saunders will pick the teams. The game is on Sunday.
Japanese RHP Mashiro Tanaka has until Friday to pick his team out of the willing bidders in the MLB, he his expected a 6 year, $120 Million contract. If he fails to sign , he will continue his dominance in Japan…