Yesterday was a good day in sports, except for the Jets.

College B-ball – yesterday in college b-ball the big achievement goes to… Syracuse Head coach Jim Boehiem! The achievement… 900 wins! Joining Coach K of Duke university who just was ranked 1 and Bob Knight. Those are great coaches! Boehiem needs 2 wins to tie Knight in the rankings.

Football – Aw man, the Jets lost AGAIN! Seriosly they stink! Sanchez keeps throwing picks, he has 50 turnovers in the last 2 years! That’s a record! Tim Tebow never gets started when he has the power in him and now jet fans think he stinks. Well he does because Rex Ryan never put him at QB except for last night! Same with McLroy but people still like him. So Jets you’ve already got eliminated from playoff contention because you blew it last night so do something already! You better be listening Jets!

Do you guys feel and think the same about the Jets and you want to really scream at them like this?