Basketball yesterday was CRAZY!!! Have you ever heard of a team with only 4 players? What about 43 points, IN A LOSS! And finally , 2OT with the defending losers and NBA finalist? Here are the TOP scorers of the games 1st…
1Blake Griffin 43
2 Jeff Green 36
3 Dwight Howard 34
4 Tim Duncan 31
5 LeBron James

Now to the games.. In Cleveland the 8 man Lakers faced the Cavs, the Lakers scored 70 in the 1st half to lead BIG. Then they started dropping like CRAZY, after 2 injuries and 2 men fouled out they had 4 left! Then the Lakers got a technical foul because they only had 4 men so the Cavs took the free throws but the Lakers still won the game.
In Lob City the Clippers played the Heat, Blake Griffin and LeBron were putting on a show! DUNK, Dunk, Dunk! Despite Griffins 43 points, the Heat won 116-112. That’s 1 for 1 for the Heat on their 6 game road trip.
Notable games: Knicks 90 – Blazers 94
Spurs 125 – Wizards 118 2OT
Thunder 106- T- Wolves 97
The Knicks are looking to fire coach Mike Woodson before Feb. 30 because of no recent success.
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Not done yet! 1 day until SPRING TRAINING!!!! So EXCITED!!!! I will have full coverage of Spring Training and free agents on my blog right when it happens…