Yesterday the #1 Indiana Hosiers were upset by Butler 88-86 in OT! What an upset. Now maybe Michigan will be #1! Wait Michigan #1 will that happen? Whats going through your minds now?

In college football yesterday the famous Idaho potato bowl was played and nobody wanted to watch it because #21 Utah St beat Toledo 41-15. But the Gildan New Mexico bowl was really exciting! Arizona took a rough road to win. Entering the 4th Q it looked like Nevada would be the clear winner when winning 45-28. But Arizona came roaring back with less than 1 min the score was 35-48 Nevada and with under 1 min left Arizona got 7 pts to make the score 48-42. They obviously did an onside kick and recovered it off a fumble! In 3 big gainers Arizona reached the End Zone and got 1 more to win and the same guy that recovered the fumble on the onside kick got a pick to win! What an exiting game for Arizona.

And in B-ball #8 Arizona upset #5 Florida by 1 pt! What a day for Arizona!

Some breaking news…RGIII of the Redskins will not start after tearing his LCL. A very unknown injury. He also hurt this in college at Baylor so watch out fantasy owners with RGIII.