Month: October 2015

Wait Till Next Year? More Like Wait Till Next WEEK!

The time has finally come… Being a mets fan is being a true fan, someone loyal to your team. We’ve experienced everything starting with the ’69 Amazin’s who took the world by shock winning the world in their 7th season as a team. Then 17 years after the legendary ’86 mets took it all thanks to a bit of luck and an awesome finish. Then we waited 15 years till we faced the Yanks in the series in 2000. 6 years later the Beltran strikeout struck the mets taking us out of the playoffs dramatically. Then the 07 collapse...

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My First Playoff Game Experience

Coming into Citi Field on Sunday night was an amazing feeling knowing how awesome my first, ever playoff game would be… To sum it up-the energy in the stadium was incredible and the fans were so pumped and it was a wierd feeling noticing how the fans changed from a Normal regular season outing… The mets won as you know and the fans were already looking forward to tonight’s game in Wrigley where the Mets try to go up 3-0 in the series! What an awesome experience and...

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