Month: June 2015

Thanks Josh!

Shoutout to my new friend Josh Lafazan for taking the time to talk sports and take a picture at my graduation yesterday! I really enjoyed your speech and it’s cool to see all your big accomplishments as a Syosset School District Board...

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Summer Sabbatical 3.0

Hi guys! Happy summer!!! As you may know I go away for 7 weeks over the summer with no electronics so I will not be posting starting this week… Thanks everyone for making 2K15 a success so far with my new Instagram account and blog!  Have a great summer everyone and enjoy the baseball season and the NBA/NHL...

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AROD Knocks Historic A-BOMB

29 People have achieved the feat… 3 people have done it on a HR… 1 Person did both and still doesn’t get the respect for it… Alex… Rodriguez… Arod’s stats are legendary and HOF level but the fact that almost everyone thinks (including me) that all his stats were produced by steroid use will take him off the list… He’ll always have a ‘*’ next to his name (I read from a great article)… And most of all, he’ll never deserve to be in the HOF. In a way I don’t feel bad for him at all because he’s the one who did something illegal to ruin his career and life but also he never yelled at anybody and he took the blame fully now and he’s been doing the right thing this season at age 40… What are dour thoughts on this...

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Hawks Win Stanley Cup

The Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champs!!! They had a sick 2-0 win last night at home to finish the Bolts in 6 games! Props to Tampa to making it a great series but the Hawks really in my opinion out played them in the past 2 games!!! MLB- Mets beat Hot Jays 4-3 in walkoff fashion after a blown save by Jeryus Familia and a 11 inning game! The Mets were down 3-2 in the 11th with 2 outs down to their final strike and Lucas Duda delivered to tie and Woimer Flores won it for them!!! NBA- Game...

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Game 5 Recap

Game 5 of the Finals was close… REALLY close! The MVP Steph Curry hasn’t been affected in this finals by showing off his MVP award or anything but his play hasn’t been normal for sure. He’s been really shut down by backup PG Matt Dellevadova who’s just been an animal… Anyway this game started with a BANG with LeBron air balling in the 1st possession and Delly grabbing a quick steal on the other end… The First Quarter was tied at 22 by the end and the game went on really close. But after a 1 pt, 1st half...

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