Month: February 2015

D-Rose Falls Again

Before this 2014-15 season, all Bulls fans and NBA were rooting for Derrick Rose, star PG and former MVP for the Bulls, to make it through a whole season to the playoffs with some game limits. But yesterday the wish broke, Rose is undergoing his 3rd knee surgery soon after tearing his left meniscus again. Here’s a list of his NBA big injuries… 2012-13 Playoffs- Right ACL (knee) tear 2013-14 Season- out with left meniscus (knee) tear Yesterday- (timetable not released) Left meniscus (same one) torn So much hate is surrounding DRose with fans thinking he’s “useless” and should stop playing because it’s a waste… That’s what I’ve been finding on Instagram posts from sports news accounts on him from follower comments. While some like the players pray for him in his terrible struggles. Personally I feel terrible for him and hope he returns because this Bulls Team needs him to succeed and the NBA is losing maybe another player. Get well...

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NBA Trade Deadline Hits Big

The NBA trade deadline may now be a big day after the amount of trades made yesterday and some were really big. Here are some of the big trades that left fans with heads up and down and some confused… -Nets (now Timberwolves) veteran Big-Man KG: Kevin Garnett will RETURN to his 1st and former team the Minnesota Timber Wolves! He was traded for Thaddeus Young who was also traded to the Wolves before the season part of the big Kevin Love deal from the Sixers! KG is aging and doesn’t have the glimpse and glamor of the old Wolves and Celtics Big Man. KG was basically the best Timber Wolves player of all time leading in many categories by a ton. He may retire after this year but rumors state he may play another year or two then also rumors state he may take a spot with the Wolves (not a player) but something! Fans are very excited in Minnesota for their star to return! -No, Thunder PG Reggie Jackson (the basketball player) was not traded to the Nets in the blockbuster trade for Brook Lopez (and it never happened) but he was traded to the Pistons in return for Enes Kanter, Steve Novak, D.J. Augustin and Kyle Singler! They will build on the Thunder Bench while the Jazz who were part of the deal got Kendrick Perkins...

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A-Rod Apologizes

Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez was suspended all 162 games of the 2014 season. Now he’s getting ready for spring training with a high paying Yankees team that can’t let go of him because of a huge old contract and he doesn’t even have a spot. Yesterday while the founder and supplier of Biogenesis: Anthony Bosch was sentenced to 4 years in prison. A-Rod wrote a hand written letter to the world about how he wants to really apologize for what he’s now known of, how he is very embarrassed and for the people who don’t accept it, he understands and can only say “sorry”. Also he wants to put all behind and play some baseball… Would you accept his comments? Comment...

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Wheeling n’ Dealing

Headlines: -Mo Williams traded to Hornets for Gary Neal and a 2nd round pick -15th pick Adriean Payne in the 2014 draft was traded for a 2017 projected T-Wolves 1st round lottery pick! -George Karl is strongly considering coaching the Kings BBall team after the break! BREAKING NEWS- The Jackie Robinson West little league team who won the U.S. Title this summer was stripped of their title this morning because of knowingly violating the rules! The first all African American team had players out side of their Chicago Illinois area. Las Vegas the team that lost last to JRW will win the...

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Big News

There were many headlines in a span of Sunday morning to this morning! Here are some… -James Shields signs with Padres on 4 year $72 million deal to become the highest paid Padre of all time -Former UNC basketball coach Dean Smith passed away at age 83. He had 879 wins, 11 final 4’s, 2 championships, a medal of freedom honor in 2013 and more than that, the respect of many players! RIP Coach Smith -Clippers PF Blake Griffin will be out for 6-8 weeks after a shoulder injury… -Panthers DE Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case was dropped today after being out the whole year… -Follow my new Instagram account (@coleonsports) for live sports updates! Also follow the coleonsports page on Facebook and @coleonsports on...

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