Month: January 2015

Irving Drops NBA High in Win

We had a lot of big news in the sports universe today so here are the top 10 headlines… *The Hawks continued their 17 game NBA high and franchise win streak (of this year) with a 113-102 win vs. the struggling Nets *With King James out Kyrie Irving had the performance of the year with 55 points (NBA high) and the go ahead 3 in the closing seconds. The Cavs are now riding a terrific 8 game win streak *Coach K’s squad stumbled again to Norte Dame yesterday losing 77-73 in the closing minutes. Duke is now at an unknown 17-3 for them… *Chile edges out the US 3-2 in an international friendly… *Marshawn Lynch was fined again, not for gold cleats, not for media problems but for wearing a new “beastmode” hat thats pretty cool. Ugh, why does everyone have to be uniform these days. *(More Lynch) after responding “i’m here so I won’t get fined” 29 times on media day while he ended on a timer, he had a similar act today saying “You know why i’m here” a lot. *Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova advanced to the womens Aussie open finals… *Cristiano Ronaldo was suspened 2 games for kicking an opponent after being red carded and will come back vs. Athletico Madrid… *The Brocos hired Wade Phillips to be their DC yesterday while the 9’ers promoted...

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Pro Bowl Critics

We are officially 1 day away from the Pro Bowl and about 8 days from Super Bowl 4⃣9⃣! Here’s some thoughts and predictions: Pro Bowl: The NFL is now debuting an out of Hawaii Pro Bowl and my thoughts are even on this… My opinion is that Hawaii is a different place and not just a Stadium (especially since this is a college one)! Hawaii is really fun for the players and always has nice weather by the beach as opposed to having a pro bowl in frigid weather! The reason why I think this is a good step for the NFL is that Fans can stay in the site of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl without having to travel and see both or only have the luxury of seeing one. My next critic of the pro bowl is the date, it was SO much better when this game was a week after the Super Bowl so the players in that game can have a chance to play in the fun game too! The fantasy draft was a huge success for NFL views while it took place for the second time this year. The draft was a great idea and gives the fans a chance to watch a real life fantasy draft unfold and fans can critic on social media! It’s a great mix with Media and the...

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‘The Real’ Fantasy Football

Captain’s Cris Carter and Michael Irvin will pick their Pro Bowl teams in the 2nd year of the new fantasy drafts in the NFL! I loved how it went last season and we all wish we can pick the teams with all these good players! Anyway, the draft is tonight at 8 on NFL Network while ESPN (Cris Carter) faces off vs NFL Network (Irvin)! The New England Patriots are now officially guilty for cheating (again) while in the AFC Championship they inflated 11 of 12 balls in the game! Hold your horses! But there will NOT be a redo for the Colts Pats blowout game but a possible punishment will be a huge fine PLUS some Draft Picks lost… Nice job...

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He Was “As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow”

ESPN anchor and sportscasting legend Stuart Scott passed away from cancer Sunday morning at age 49. This tragic event was all over the sports world yesterday while moments of silence were held in games across the world for him. Stuart was a true inspiration to the sports world and sportscasting world for the swag he possessed into reporting and the fun on the set and the fact when he was on the set, you were watching him. His sayings are we’ll known today and used plenty while many people may not even notice they were his! ESPN is ongoing some remembrance of him on air thus morning so it would be respectful to check it out…  His inspiration wasn’t just to future or current sportscasters, sideline reporters, journalists (etc.) , but to Cancer patients around the world ongoing the terrible disease. “Stu” made a remarkable and thoughtful speech about fighting cancer after winning the Jimmy V award at the ESPY’s recently after he almost couldn’t make it after 4 surgeries in a week and explained how ‘you’ can’t ‘lose’ to cancer and how not only yourself is fighting but everyone contributing by doing a deed and we’re ALL fighting together… Stuart Scott will be missed and we as in all sportscaster’s like me will use your inspiration and swag into our sportscasting and reporting… NFL: The Divisional Playoffs are...

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! The sports world of 2015 kicks off today and viewers around the world are looking for an AWESOME year in the sports world! A lot is coming up now with the NFL Playoffs starting Saturday, the Winter Classic today and the 1st annual College Football Playoff! College Football- Bowl Games have been continuously going on in college Football and now we’ve entered the time of the biggest ones… Here’s a recap on what happened yesterday and whats coming today: Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl- Mississippi (Ole Miss) vs. TCU: Ole Miss and TCU (especially) were early Playoff options in this new playoff, but both were edged out (mostly TCU) by a tiny bit.. Anyway this game was a rout while TCU showed where they belonged and won 42-3 over Ole Miss! QB Trevone Boykin threw for 3 TD’s and 3 picks in the win while his D showed off and had a 0 yard and 100 yard Pick 6’s!  In my opinion TCU should have made the playoff over OSU for sure… Vizio Fiesta Bowl- Boise St. vs. Arizona: Unlike the game before, this was a close game while Boise St. edged out a slim 8 point win over ‘Zona while they had a crazy defensive hold in their 20 yd line in the closing seconds to win! With the win, Boise is 3-0 in the Fiesta Bowl....

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