Month: December 2014

Saints cruise to big win…

Josh Hill and Drew Brees led the game for the Saints winning 31-15 over Da Bears. Hill caught 2 TD’s of Brees 3, Brees threw for 375 yards too and no picks. Jay Cutler disappointed yet again throwing 3 picks to bring him to 18 on the year. He’s finding all his stats from garbage time with 2 trash TD’s and about 100 yards bringing him to 194 on the night. The Bears have clinched a sub-500 record for the 1st time since ’09. The Saints meanwhile move to 6-8 and still have division hopes in the NFC South while they sit a half game ahead of Carolina at 5-8-1. What2watch4: The 20-2 Warriors play the 18-4 Grizz while they try to end the Warriors 16 game win...

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LA Cashes IN $$$$$

The Dodgers made some serious moves yesterday in the MLB Winter Meetings. They traded top 2nd baseman Dee Gordon to Miami and Dan Haren for Andrew Heaney and more… Heaney was later traded to the Angels moments later for Howie Kendrick to replace Gordon. They also got 15 year Phillies veteran Jimmy Rollins for a PTBN. He’s replacing former Marlin and Dodger FA Hanley Ramirez who signed with the Bo-Sox… Also BREAKING NEWS JUST NOW REPORTED, the Padres have got Dodgers star CF Matt Kemp! He’s been traded for catcher Yasmani Grandal, Joe Weiland and a PTBN! This has been a crazy 24 hours for LA’s fanbase and team… How will this affect them as a whole including...

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Big Day for Big Blue

The Michigan wolverine athletic program had a big day yesterday. Michigan fired there Football coach Brady Hoke after his 4th season leading Michigan to a sub .500 record (5-7). Hoke has been decent as a coach but this season ruined his résumé. Michigan is targeting 49’ers head coach Jim Harbaugh who is almost certainly out with the struggling 9’ers who ruined their locker room pride. Harbaugh has been to a Super Bowl losing to the Ravens and his bro also losing to the Seahawks by seconds last season in the NFC Chip. Harbs has a high relationship with Michigan so you can’t count this out. Some good news❗️Michigan’s b-ball team beat the ‘Cuse by 3 in the final minute/seconds 68-65 in the Big 10 vs. ACC challenge! Spike Aldrecht had 9 dimes and 2 impressive ones in the win adding the go-ahead 3 from NBA range! Michigan is #17 in the country with a 5-1 record on a tough loss to a good...

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TD, TD, TD… and TD

Sunday was one of the most high scoring football sunday’s i’ve ever seen! So much scoring! Anyway my fantasy football team clinched 6th place in my 16 team league thanks to a big 129-119 win. That means the playoffs are coming and i’m in a good situation with a completely transformed team. My season so far has been a roller-coaster ride with wins and losses up and down and the fact that for the 2nd season in a row, i’ve got rid of every player through dropping and trading except Jordan Reed who I literally couldn’t get rid of… Here’s a recap on yesterday’s games… WAS-27|IND-49: If not for RG3’s benching to veteran QB Colt McCoy, this would of been the 1st RG3 vs. Luck game ever, the #1 and 2 picks in the 2012 draft. But you can see clearly what was the more logical choice while Andrew Luck continued his beast-mode season throwing 5 TD’s and 370 yds. coming off a poor 1st quarter. “Boom” Herron has now stepped in to the Colts starting RB role after his 8 carry 88 yard day adding a TD. He’s 100 percent over matched Trent Richardson who came to Indy last year with high expectations. Rookie WR Donte Moncreif had a beast game going for 134 yards on 3 catches with 2 of them going for scores. His teammate Coby...

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