Month: October 2014

Only Even Years!

The Giants have won the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years after a 3-2 defeat of KC last night! My Prediction was right! SP Madison Bumgarner came in relief for the Giants for the 1st time and pitched a gem. He let up 0 runs again in his 5 innings winning MVP of the series! He is now one of the few players to win their LCS MVP and WS! Also he has the lowest WS era with...

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It all ends here…

After a 10-0 beat-up of the Giants, the Kansas City Royals may feel comfortable with a Game 7, but at home with their electric crowd! The KC crowd was a big factor to staying alive last night in that Game 6 because those fans have been waiting 25 full years for a PLAYOFF TEAM (let alone a World Series)! They WANT IT! Anyway the pitchers tonight will be Tim Hudson for the Giants who is 0-1 this post-season with a 3.72 ERA. For KC, Jeremy Guthrie will pitch who is 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA. Things are looking good for KC but I still have credit to my prediction of Giants winning in Game 7! (Check my recent blogs) The NBA has started with a boom! Here is some news on the 3 first games- Lakers Rookie Julius Randle (who was picked 7th overall this year out of Kentucky) broke his tibia so that’s a big loss for LA who had big hopes for him… Top 3 Performances- 3- James Harden: 32 points, 6 assists, 1 rebound and steal 2- Nikola Vevucivic: 15 points, 23 rebounds, 1 assist 1- Anthony Davis: 26 points, 17 rebounds, 9 blocks There was history made in College Football when they announced the 1st ever standings for the 1st ever College Football playoff. The playoff will have the 4 best teams (not just by...

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ALL the Momentum

The Steelers looked like a 0-6 team about through the first half, they were shutout 13-0 and then, with 3:08 left in the half, it all happened. The big domination from the Steel- Curtain started with a Shaun Suisham FG. Then QB: Ben Rothlisberger hit rookie Martavis Bryant for a long catch and for his 1st career TD in his 1st career game! The momentum was still with Pittsburgh in these last 3 minutes when Texans RB Arian Foster fumbled in deep Texans territory to give the Steelers the ball! Now with less than 1 minute left, Rothlisberger pitched the ball to WR Antonio Brown on 1st and goal and he threw it ( you read that right ) to WR Lance Moore for the TD! But wait, they were not done yet when Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass was deflected off a steeler defender and Texans receiver and into the hands of Steelers big man, Brett Keiselmfor his 2nd career pick! Then to cap this incredible 3 minute drill off, Rothlisberger hit RB Le’Veon Bell for the score! The Steelers kept the lead to win 30-23 and go to 4-3 while Houston went to 3-4. My fantasy teams edged out 2 wins winning 74-52 in my 16 team league which was definitely a terrible win and winning 215-92 in my other fun league! I am 4-3 in my...

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The Shot Heard ‘Round World!

THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! Those famous words were said famously after the Giants won the pennant 63 years ago on a home run from Bobby Thompson. That shot was famously named “the shot heard ’round world”. Déjà Vu? We’ll last night the Giants witnessed that same situation last night clinching a World Series berth on a walk off, 3 run homer by Travis Ishikawa to win! This marks the Giants 3rd World Series appearance in the past 5 years! Yes, EVERY.OTHER.YEAR! The NLCS MVP was Madison Bumgarner who started the game for SanFran. They will face the undefeated in the postseason KC Royals in the World Series. Both these teams were wild-card game winners so this is very unexpected also knowing the schedule these teams had in this post season! I have (oh my this is tricky) ummmmmmm, the (I can’t decide, this is too hard!) the Giants winning because they have the edge on KC experience wise with the first playoff experience at the least for KC in 29 years. Obviously this is the Giants 3rd WS appearance in the past 5 seasons. Also the Royals haven’t been through more than 4 games in this postseason so far, they’ve been unbeaten but do they have the energy or experience to go to a game 7? But if you are talking about momentum,...

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Royal Wrecking!

The Kansas City Royals entered these playoffs with the 1st wild card spot… Now their eyes are set on the big prize, the World Series. They’ve been the ultimate comeback kids in the postseason with soooooo many games going into extra innings and them winning them all. In fact, they are unbeaten so far in the postseason, yes 8-0 with 1 win to go till they get to the series. This run is really, really unbelievable knowing that they swept, (yes swept) the #1 Angels and jumping out to this 3-0 game lead on the top notch O’s with yet another home game. They won last night 2-1 on a great pitching performance to keep the Orioles in check. It’s extremely unlikely that the Orioles make a comeback because to do that, they must win 4 straight games and a few at Kauffman stadium… Also in the MLB- The San Francisco Giants are up 2-1 to the Cardinals in the NLCS after winning 5-4 on a walk off in the 10th inning. What happened? Cards pitcher Randy Choate must have had the butterflies in his stomach with a lot on the line and making a game losing throwing error. This is a close series and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went into a game 7 and I am unsure who would even...

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