Month: February 2014

Crack of the Bat is Music to my Ears

One of my best friends is coming to town, Baseball. Yesterday was the 1st day of official spring training games in the MLB. Sorry for the inconvenience of no stats but a player really stood out, Athletics OF Josh Reddick stole 2 homers from Michael Morse over the wall and that could stand as #1 for the rest of the season. Too bad for me, my Mets will not play for another 2 days 🙁 A note on my Mets, projected opening day pitcher Jon Niese will most likely start the year on the disabled list because of his...

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There are only 2 beards that are more awesome than Rockets SG James Harden’s, 2- Brian Wilson Dodgers Closer and 1- the Red Sox playoff ones. But you really had to “Fear the Beard” last night whenJames Harden was doing his thing last night with 43 points ONLY through 3 Quarters of playing! The Rockets won 129-103. LeBron James broke his nose on a Nasty dunk a few days ago and he has not played since the Heat’s blowout win Vs. OKC. James should be rested as much as possible to let him rest, a top playoff spot is almost secured, but the playoffs are still a while to wait… With buyouts flying in the air, a lot of x-factors can land on your favorite team from waivers. I will hopefully find out the transactions. MLB: Spring Training has officially started with the 1st official spring training games today! I am SOOOOOOOO Excited!!!! 🙂 I really missed our National Pastime over the winter! I am hoping my Mets will made a deal with SS Stephen Drew and he would really help. I also heard Mets 1B Ike Davis changed his swing that looks like he’s doing a split next to home plate and his swing is not very good. Making both those changes will turn Davis around from his Slumping. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston and his Florida St...

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I’m Back and ‘Runnin!

After an AWESOME vacation to Cancun, Mexico, I am back and running and chasing #300 (my 300th blog), I had a lot of fun in the sun with my family and friends, the Breckers. Sadly, I am back in FREEZING NY!!! 🙁 Shoutout to my parents for taking me on this trip!...

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“It’s OVER”

Dunk Contest: Remember in the 2000 dunk contest, when Vince Carter went through the legs in the air and dunked it home to win the Dunk Contest? Last night was a flashback to his words “IT’S OVER”! after his famous dunk. Wizards All-Star PG John Wall finished out the battle rounds in a 3-0 sweep for the Eastern Dunkers. It looked very hard at 1st to beat the “Shaqlemore” which Kings Guard Ben McLemore came out all dressed in a King outfit with a person who was holding a scroll and he said some words about the event and why was it called “Shaqlemore”? Because Shaquille O’neal was there to sit in a throne under the hoop and McLemore jumped over the Big Man and slammed it home, but that wasn’t enough to win his battle with John Wall, Wizards Mascot “G-Man” was under the hoop holding a ball and Wall ran over jumped over him took the ball, he took it down and up and Dunked it for the win! The new format included 1, 1 minute round with the 3 Dunkers from each conference and they had to do at least 1 Dunk each and some creative ones, the judges voted that East Dunkers won that. With that win, the East got to pick matchup’s in the Battle round and the judges picked the winners. The East...

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In the NBA Rising Stars game, Pistons Center for team Hill, Andre Drummond was A BEAST! He had 30 points and 25 rebounds in the loss but most importantly, the MVP award. His teammates were missing and he was slamming it home. He had 14 offensive rebounds which is CRAZY! On the other side, Knicks Shooting Guard Tim Hardaway.Jr would of been MVP without Drummond, he had 36 points and 2 assists in his win. He had 7, 3 pointers! He is a candidate for 6th man of the year or rookie of the year if he keeps his act up. Notable Performances: Dion Waiters 31 points, 7...

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