Month: January 2014

Time to hang it all up

3 iconic sports heroes retired in the past week. In baseball, former long time Astro slugger, Lance Berkman, Berkman won a World Series with the Cards and in that same year he won “comeback player of the year”, he’s also went to 6 all-star games! Playing for the Astros, Cardinals, Yankees and Rangers, Berkman is next to the great Mickey Mantle in switch hitter stats for batting. Berkman played all the OF positions. What a career. Here’s one that’s not as amazing, but good, Michael Young played for the Rangers, Phillies and Dodgers, he had 7 trips to the all-star game, a gold glove in ’08, all-star MVP in ’06 and batting champion in ’05. Now, he’s hanging up the spikes. In B-ball, one of ten most iconic men ever, commissioner David Stern reigned for 30 years and left the NBA in a great spot, in his time, he added 7 new teams, and 6 relocated, he was a part of the new WNBA and has been in many lockouts (that’s the only bad thing). His long time partner, Adam Silver will take his place on the 1st of...

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Stadium Series Game 2: Rangers 2- Islanders 1. It was a goalie’s game last night with no goals through the 1st period and a half till both the teams scored to tie it at 1. Then the Rangers got a goal with 4:26 remaining. Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist had 30 saves while Isles goalie Evengi Nabakov had 32. They will play on the 31st against each other. In the LeBron vs. Durant game last night KD’s Thunder BLEW out the Heat 112-95. KD extended his 30 points streak last night with 30+ points again. I think KD is the current MVP in the...

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KD is on FIRE!!!

Kevin Durant is on a streak of consecutive games with 30+ points… Would he get it again? Yes, KD’s Thunder were down the whole game, KD led a comeback with 41 points! He hit a game leading and winning shot! The Thunder had only 3 leads, 2-0, 109-107 and 111-109! The Hawks were up by as much as 14! The Thunder won 111-109. OKC will play the Heat tonight. Good news for the Knicks , Carmelo Anthony’s wife said she and Melo prefer to re-sign with NY if Melo decides to opt out of his current contract. NFL: 2 Coordinators were hired yesterday, the Ravens hired fired Texans head coach Gary Kubiak as the OC and the Browns hired Jim O’Neil for a vacant DC...

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Pro Bowl = Defense!

The Pro Bowl was threatened to leave this year because of no effort. This year it was intense with teammates tackling teammates. It was pretty cool, even the 1st ever draft was exciting! Now to the game, it was ALL “D”. I felt like every drive was a turnover. Team Rice threw 4 picks and a fumble and Saunders threw 2 picks and a fumble in the heavy rain. They also missed 2 65+ yard FG’s (NFL record is 64). Most fans were really liking this pro bowl. With the game at 21-14 DeMarco Murray ran for a TD for Rice to put it at 21-20, they went for 2 and FB Mike Tolbert bulldozed his way in to win the game. The MVP’s got GMC trucks, on offense, QB for team Saunders Nick Foles won the MVP with 89 yards and a TD, the MVP on D was Derrick Johnson with a huge tackle on his teammate RB Jamaal Charles, he forced a fumble and had 9 tackles. Jerry Rice won huge bragging rights on Deion Saunders. Was this game a + for the NFL? In Hockey, the Rangers played the Devils @ the iconic Yankee Stadium. It was a BLOWOUT. At the start of the 2nd period it was 3-1 Devils, then the Rangers scored 6 unanswered goals and won 7-3. Mats Zuccarello had a huge game...

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Today’s Schedule

Today is a BIG day in sports that includes many good games. Here they are. 12:30 ET Rangers vs. Devils @Yankee Stadium (stadium series outdoors). 7:30 ET Pro Bowl, Saunders vs. Rice, @ Aloha Stadium Honolulu,HI 1:00 ET Spurs Vs. Heat @Miami ( rematch of 2013 NBA Finals) 3:30 ET Lakers vs. Knicks @NY 6:30 ET Nets vs. Celtics @Boston (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry play former team) 9:00 ET Warriors vs. Trail Blazers @Golden State Last night my BIG BLUE upset their rival Michigan St. 80-75 last night to stay with a big fat goose egg in the Big 10 loss...

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