Month: November 2013

Broncos and Chiefs are handed loss #2

The Kansas City Chiefs played the Chargers at home yesterday. The game was a shootout with TD after TD but Chiefs QB Alex Smith threw a TD to Dwayne Bowe to go up. But the Chargers did not give up when Philip Rivers aired the ball out to WR Seyi Ajirotutu for the game winner. The Broncos played the Patriots on SNF last night. It was Peyton Manning and Tom Brady’s 14th showdown. The Broncos exploded with 3 fumble recoveries in the 1st quarter. After a Jacob Tamme TD the Broncos led 24-0 at half. Then the Patriots exploded for 31 points when Tom Brady used Julian Edelman to get 2 and Rob Gronkowski to get TD’s and 3rd RB Branden Bolden got a TD. Brady was up, but Manning threw a TD to his man Demarius Thomas to go into OT. The ball went around until the Broncos accidentally got hit by a punt and fumbled. The Pats recovered and kicked a FG for the win. The Broncos were handed their 2nd loss. Notable games: The Packers and Vikings had a tie in their game with a score of 26-26. Former Packers QB who just signed with them again, Matt Flynn led the comeback after they pulled Scott Toilzen. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers upset the Lions when WR of the Lions Calvin Johnson potentially won the game but...

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Slugger for lead off?

Slugger first baseman Prince Fielder was traded to the Rangers, from the Tigers for second baseman, lead off man, Ian Kinsler. On the Rangers, hopeful star, Jurickson Profar will take over as the every day second baseman when Fielder will take over as the slugger at first base. Ian Kinsler will play the lead off spot in the batting lineup, unlike Fielder , Kinsler will always be on base for MVP, Miguel Cabrera to bring him...

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The right call?

The right call was made! In last night’s Patriots vs Panthers showdown with time expiring LB of the Panthers Luke Kuelchy was holding onto TE Rob Gronkowski in the back of the end-zone. QB Tom Brady threw the ball and it was not close to Gronkowski. A Panthers player intercepted the ball but a flag was thrown. The ref picked it up and said ther is no Penalty. The ref later explained there was no penalty because despite the holding in the end-zone, Gronk was clearly not going to catch the ball since it was under-thrown to the front of the end-zone. If Brady threw it closer to Gronk it would of been a penalty. Also the interference was at the same time as the pick. I agree with the ref but people say Gronk could of caught the ball if Kuelchy was not holding him. Gronk is a great receiver. It’s called a “judgement call” by the refs which means they choose their theory. Apparently they thought different than the media. Watch it and tell me what you...

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Broncos hand Chiefs 1st loss.

The Kansas City Chiefs were not winners for the 1st time in 10 games this season. The Chiefs played the Broncos last night. The Broncos are the #1 offense in the league and the Chiefs have the #1 D. I think the Chiefs would not have been 9-0 because of their easy schedule, they did not play a team with a winning record yet. Peyton Manning and Demarius Thomas led the Broncos to their win with big numbers. Do you think the Chiefs should have been...

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On a personal note…

Yesterday in my flag football game we faced the Lions. In the game I scored 2 TD’s after 1 got called back and 4 interceptions. My team played a terrific game winning 33-0 and that game clinched us a spot in next week’s Super Bowl. A shout out to my team on the win. Also my fantasy football team put the lone undefeated team with a 1 in the loss column thanks to Julius Thomas’s 13 points and Marshawn Lynch’s 26. I won...

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