Month: September 2013

200th Blog!

Wow! I have been writing for over a year and I have reached my 200th blog! For my 200th I will be writing my top 10 moments of 2013 ( not in any particular order)…. #1: It was so sad for everyone ( even Red Sox fans) to say goodbye to the sandman Mariano Rivera. He had been a huge part of the MLB for his career. Ending his career with a pretty good season and with over 600 saves he is clearly the best closer to stand on the hill. #2: Would Floyd “Money” Mayweather stay undefeated against another unbeaten fighter Canelo Alvarez? Both of them put up such a huge fight that it came down to a majority decision to see who won. But Mayweather stayed undefeated proving he was the best active fighter. #3 Saying this might be the best comeback in the history of sports, Oracle team USA came back in a best of 17 series down 8-1 to New Zealand. My parents were there to see the game tying matchup. It will go down as one of the best comebacks of all time. #4: In the opener of the 2013 season, the 2012 Super Bowl favorites, the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning played the defending Super Bowl champs who upset the Bronc’s in the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens. Manning took advantage of his new...

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He’s got it! He’s got it!

Wow. Rookie pitcher Michael Wacha from the Cardinals just pitched an amazing game. Out after out he had a no-no going into the 9th. Gets the first guy, one out. Next guy? See Ya! But the 3rd guy? Ryan Zimmerman hit a high bouncer but Wacha was not tall enough! The ball bounce into the infield and the 2nd baseman bare handed it to first and the first baseman took a chance on a sweep tag but he was safe. What a game for Michael Wacha. Will Wacha be a future superstar? Blog 198! 2...

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Why so early?

We could be having one of the worst pro-football teams of all time this season. The Cleveland Browns will not have 1st round (3rd pick) of the amazing 2012 NFL Draft, RB Trent Richardson. He was amazingly traded for one first round pick for 2014 to the Colts. But the real question is why so early? Just finish the season with Trent scoring your TD’s then you can do whatever you desire with him. I think it’s a horrible trade. What do you think? Is this a good trade for the Browns or...

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I smell a COMEBACK!

Wow! Yesterday was a day of late comebacks in the NFL! Here are some of them: E.J Manuel and the Bills beat out Cam Newton and the Panthers in the last second with a TD pass to WR Stevie Johnson. The Bills won on a last second sack 24-23. The Vikings and Da Bears faced off in a good matchup yesterday. With 10 seconds left Jay Cutler had a BEAUTIFUL pass to TE Martellus Bennett to win the game. The Bears won 31-30. The Chargers played the Eagles yesterday and it was a great game. With 2:00 left Eagles K Alex Henry hit a FG to tie the game at 30! But with 0:07 seconds left Chargers K Nick Novak hit a 40 + yard field goal to win the game. This was clearly the most exciting game. With seconds left Texans K Randy Bullock was going for the win on a 51 yard FG. So the 1st kick was obviously iced by the Titans, but he nailed the kick, still did not count. Attempt 2 was blocked by the Titans but their was an offsides penalty which forced a 3rd attempt. Last week on Monday night vs the Chargers he kicked a long FG with seconds left. On attempt 3 he was wide but he was iced again on a 46 yarder by the Titans. It was unbelievable....

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The Pats edge Jets

Last night the Patriots played the Jets in a very very messy game. The Pats did not play like the Pats in last nights game because Tom Brady was throwing to inexperienced receivers. On perfect throws they would drop it and drop it. Even against the struggling Jets they only managed 13 points. On the other side Geno Smith had a good game but their was 1important stat that changed it. He threw 3 picks in the 4th quarter! This game was just plain...

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