Month: April 2013


Yesterday was a day of WOW’s. It started yesterday when Free – Agent center Jason Collins who is 34 announced that he was gay becoming the first male athlete to say so. In his 12 season career he has played for 6 different teams. After announcing this the best players from all – over the sports world were sending nice tweets on his bravery. Also yesterday the Nets and Rockets stayed alive when the Bulls and Rockets almost ended their seasons. So far the Heat will move on with the Spurs after sweeping their matchup. The Hawks and Pacers are tied at 2, the Bulls lead the Nets 3-2, the Thunder are leading the Rockets 3-1 in the 1 vs 8 seed game and so far every game has been close which is impressive, the Knicks are leading the Celtics 3-1, the Warriors lead the Nuggets 3-1 and the Grizzlies and Clippers are tied at 2...

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That’s a first!

Yesterday was the NFL draft and their were MANY firsts and surprises. Here’s a first! 3 Offensive linemen were drafted in the 1st 4 picks. The Chiefs selected Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan, with the second pick the Jaguars selected Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M and with the 3rd pick the Raiders traded their pick to the Dolphins to select Dion Jordan. The second surprise was that the Bills ended up picking QB E.J Manuel when they could of picked QB Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib who should of been their biggest option. The Jets ended up picking CB Dee Milliner out of Alabama with the 9th pick and DT Sheldon Richardson out of Missouri. Now the Biggest surprise was that the best QB’s like Matt Barkley out of USC, Geno Smith out of West Virginia and Ryan Nassib out of Syracuse were undrafted and the their team is TBA tonight. Some other notable players who were undrafted were: Running Backs Eddie Lacy out of Alabama and Montee Ball out of Wisconsin. Their were no RB drafted last night. Also Manti Te’o out of Notre Dame was undrafted and still up for grabs...

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Yesterday the Mets faced off against the Dodgers at Citi Field. Matt Harvey the sensation with an ERA under 1 started for the Mets. On the Other side Ted Lilly made his first Dodger start since last year. Harvey went 6 innings with 3 earned runs when he let up a HR to Matt Kemp for Kemp’s first of the season. The Mets cut down the lead to 3-2 in the 6th when Justin Turner hit a sac fly to score Marlon Byrd. Then in the bottom of the 9th with 2 out and a man on 3rd D-Wright got a single and the Mets tied the game. Then in the 10th the Dodgers couldn’t tack on any runs, so in the bottom of the 10th the Mets had the Bases loaded and put in pinch hitter Jordany Valdespin and he ended up hitting a walk-off, pinch-hit, Grand Slam to end the game in super grand fashion. Football- Tonight is the NFL draft on ESPN when the best of the best will be drafted. I am hoping the Jets will pick wisely in the draft. Also Yesterday the winner of the ‘Madden 25’ cover vote was announced when Hall of Fame running back Barry Saunders beat 2012-13 MVP Adrian Peterson in a close...

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See you in week 1!

See you in week 1! Yesterday Jets all-star Corner back Darrelle Revis was traded to the Buccaneers after MONTHS of negotiations. He signed a 6-year contract worth $96 million,( no guaranteed money) that would make him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. This was great for the Bucs because their defense suffered a horrible season last season to wide receivers. Revis’s favorite. This trade was a big key for the Buccaneers. Now on the Jets side: When I saw the news on ESPN last night I got out of my bed and threw a fit. If you don’t know, I’m a Jets fan. But I had no clue that was a great decision by the Jets. Here’s why… The jets have been paying Revis a lot over the years and he’s taking over the Jets salary cap. So if he’s just standing on the field on defense and the receivers never come to him, that’s a waste. In the trade the Jets got the Bucs 1st round, 13th pick in addition to the 9th pick they had originally. They can use those picks on defensive players or offensive linemen. Maybe even a QB! The Jets have many choices that they must use wisely. Was this trade better for the Bucs or the Jets and what are your...

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Here we go!

Here we go! The 2013 NBA regular season ended yesterday when the Lakers beat the Rockets in an Overtime thriller finale. Last night the Jazz lost to the Grizzlies 86-70. That loss for the Jazz eliminated them from playoff contention. That gave the Lakers the 8 spot, but if they beat the Rockets in their game they would get the 7th spot and play the Spurs and the Rockets would take the 8th seed and play the Thunder, and that’s exactly what happened. On Sunday the Kobe-less and Nash-less (who may return) Lakers will play the Spurs. When James Harden and the Rockets will face off against his former team the Thunder. Yesterday Carmelo Anthony won the scoring title when KD was benched and had no chance at the scoring...

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