Month: December 2012


Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes we are now talking about playoffs in football. Yesterday in football a lot of teams clinched the playoffs and some teams clinched home-field advantage. Here are the teams from the AFC and NFC that have made the playoffs. AFC Patriots :(Won Division, Bye week, home-field advantage, #2 seed.) Broncos : ( #1 seed, won division, bye week, home-field advantage.) Texans : ( #3 seed, won division, vs Bengals this week.) Ravens : ( #4 seed, won division, vs Colts this week.) Colts : ( #5 seed, won wild card, @ Ravens this week.) Bengals : ( # 6 seed, 2nd place in wild card, @ Texans this week.) NFC Falcons : ( #1 seed, won division, bye week, home – field advantage.) 49ers : ( #2 seed, won division, bye week, home-field advantage.) Packers : ( #3 seed, won division, vs Vikings this week.) Redskins : ( #4 seed, won division, vs Seahawks this week.) Seahawks : ( # 5 seed, won Wild Card, @ Redskins this week.) Vikings : (# 6 seed, 2nd place in wild card, @ Packers this week.) The defending Super bowl champions Giants did not make the playoffs yesterday, also the Bears who started 7-1 did not make it, the Cowboys lost for the 2nd straight year in a winner take all NFC East game yesterday. Today is Black Monday in...

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But, but, but, he was benched!

But, but, but, I thought he was benched! Rex Ryan did something to not make my day. 1st Football – REX! Rex Ryan put Mark Sanchez in again. I thought he was benched! O.K, Rex you never put Tebow in this year and Sanchez is not doing good, give Tebow a try. He can win in the playoffs. Maybe you should of thought of Tebow when you said “I’m comfortable with Sanchez”. The Redskins and Cowboys will be playing on America’s biggest stage tommorow night on NBC. The winner of this game wins the division. The Redskins are coming on a 6 game win streak. The 2 keys to that streak are : QB RGIII and Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. RGIII has an NFL low of 5 interceptions. He can throw really far and run fast. He has 346.30 fantasy pts this season. When I drafted him as my starter in fantasy he was quickly my favorite. Offensive cordinater Kyle Shanahan makes crazy plays and they work all the time. He works well with RGIII. The Cowboys have a bad history for their week 17. Since the year 2000 the Cowboys are 2-10 in week 17. Tony Romo is trying to change that. Romo’s top target to pass to is Dez Bryant (12 TD’s). My pick in this game is the Redskins. Who is your favorite to...

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Record-Breakers!!! In the NFL there are a lot of records that have recently been broken and are several more that are about to be broken. I’ll count down the top 5. (Not in any particular order). 1- Player… Calvin Johnson, record… most single season reciving yds, old record holder… Jerry Rice, how many yards Johnson has … 1,892. Record Broken. 2- Player … Adrian Peterson, record… most single season rushing yds, record holder… Eric Dickerson, how many yards he needs to break record… 208, he has … 1898 yds, record has not been broken yet. 3- Player … Blair Walsh, record… most field goals of 50+ yds, previous record holders… Jason Hanson and Morten Anderson, how many field goals… 9, record broken. 4- Player… J.J Watt, record… most single season sacks, record holder, Michael Strahan, how many sacks he needs… 2.5, he has… 20.5 sacks, record not broken. 5 – player…Andrew Luck, record… most passing yards for rookie, record holder… Cam Newton, how many yds he has… 4,818 yds, record broken. Which record is your favorite or is there another one you can add to this...

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Eleven wins, Twelve wins!

11 wins in an row, 12 wins in a row! Will they ever stop? NBA- Currently in the NBA two teams are on an awesome winning streak! Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Clippers are riding an 11 game winning streak, their longest dating back to 40+ years ago and Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder are riding a 12 game winning streak after making it to the Finals last year losing to King James and the Heat. Will this last? Soccer – In the UEFA champions league there are 2 great upcoming matches… From the Barclays Premier League Wayne Roony, Robin Ven Persie and Manchester United vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. In the 2nd match AC Milan will face off vs the probable best club team in soccer FC Barcalona and Lionel Messi who is probably impossible to stop from scoring. Who will win in these great...

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YES! Sanchez GONE?

Maybe when you scream a lot something actually happens! Yesterday the Jets did something that was one of the things I screamed at them for! Rex Ryan has made a change of a QB – not Tebow – but Greg McLroy will start against the San Diego Chargers. Ryan said Tebow will be in the game plan. Now I have been hearing rumors that Sanchez is gone by next season and I’m seeing videos of Sports center football anylists throwing Sanchez stuff. It’s kind of a dream come true! “Hey Sanchez, you did great your first years but your time is over McLroy and Tebow will take over your show.” Was this a good...

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