Month: November 2012

Signs and trades and signs.

Too many signs and trades! I can’t follow all of them! Here are some… First Baseball – More signs and trades occurred yesterday in baseball. Here they are : Twins trade OF Denard Span to Nats for minor league pitchers. Yankees sign closer Mariano Rivera to a 1 year deal after missing last season from tearing ACL while shagging fly. C Russel Martin signs 1 year deal with Pirates. Now Mets fans here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, 3B David Wright signed a 8 year deal with the Mets! That’s the largest contract the Mets ever signed. The superstar Wright leads the Mets franchise in most hitting categories. Here’s a first for me, now I’m writing about Hockey! They’re talking and talking but not doing and doing and doing! The Hockey season is still in a lockout and the NHL can’t sign this complicated contract with someone! Just play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are your thoughts on this? Now Lastly football- Luckily this report doesn’t include contracts it includes interceptions. Last night Drew Brees had his worst game in a WWHHIILLEE. He threw 5 picks and ended his NFL record of 54 straight games with a TD pass. Drew Brees got a dissappointing 4.64pts in fantasy football. Falcons QB Matt Ryan did not play amazing either. He only got 12.40 fantasy pts! The Saints lost that game 23-13. and...

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Upset Alert!

Upset Alert! There were a lot of big upsets yesterday in sports so let’s get started! First College B-Ball- Yesterday in college b-ball there was a BIG upset in the Big 10 vs ACC challenge. If your asking whats the Big 10 vs ACC challenge this is what it is : A Big 10 team will play a ACC team in B-ball, if the Big 10 wins the game they will get 1 pt same for the ACC. First one to 7 pts wins! Now on the game. The upset was unranked Miami beat #13 Michigan St 67-59. Miami played an excellent game and played hard. Here’s a cool fact on Miami – Guard Shane Larkin is baseball great Barry Larkin’s son. Also another great game – but not an upset – was #2 Duke defeated #4 Ohio St 73-68. Duke’s Mason Plumbley scored 21 pts and had 17 rebounds in the win. Thats another win for coach K. Now Baseball- Yesterday a lot happened in baseball. Here are some recent transactions: OF B.J Upton signs multi year deal with Braves. 40 year old Andy Pettite Signs 1 year contract with Bronx Bombers. But one unknown trade was great for me. It did not have anything to do with the Mets. The Red Sox traded 3rd baseman Danny Valencia to Orioles for cash. Valencia is one of my favorite...

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Michigan Wins!

Michigan beat NC State last night 79-72. Michigan played a very good game. Mighigan’s Trey Burke scored 18, had 11 ast, 2 stl and 1 Blk. Indiana beat North Carolina 83-59. This game was supposed to be close, but it was actually a blow out. Tonight Ohio State will face off against Duke in a top 4 battle. Who are your...

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B-Ball Battle begins

Last night a new epic rivalry made its debut. Also some pro football, college football and college B-ball. First pro B-ball.- Yesterday was a debut of a epic new rivalry. Knicks vs Nets. When the game started the Nets jumped to an early 1st Q lead of 26-23. In the 2nd Q the Knicks took the lead back after scoring 24 pts. The Knicks led 47-45 at halftime. In the 3rd the Nets scored 23 while the Knicks trailed by 1 going into the 4th Q. This game was neck to neck the whole time. The Knicks barely survived the 4th Q after only scoring 17 while Brooklyn scored 16 covering the 1pt game. This game got really exiting now because it was in OT. The Knicks sadly only scored 5 and Brooklyn scored 12 in a strong OT. Final score BRK 96- NYK 89. The Knicks lost even with Melo and Chandler combining for 63 pts. Chandler was dunking all night while Melo and Felton dished it out to him. Here’s some new news from the NFL- (Jets: Biggest cheerleader Fireman Ed resigns from Jets now is “just a fan”.) (Ravens: Ray Lewis expected to make return after being on IR (triceps.) (G-men: Backup RB Andre Brown placed on IR also ( leg.) (Panthers: Newton steps out of “sophomore slump” those 4TD’s in 30-22 win vs Eagles.) (49ers:...

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On a personal note…

Yesterday the Green bay Packers lost twice! As you all know the real GB Packers lost to the G-men 38-10 last night but in my flag football league my team (Jets) beat the Packers 12-0 in the Freshman North division super bowl! Our team went undefeated in the season (8-0), scored 192 pts in regular season and let up 0! In the playoffs we went 2-0, let up 7 and scored 31 pts. Next we will play the champions of either the freshman south or central divisions. A shoutout to my Jets team and coaches on this AMAZING...

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