Month: August 2012

Good Game or bad game?

Was it a good game or a bad game? Youngster Bryce Harper hit 2 HR’s in last nights 8-4 win vs the Marlins also with 3 RBI’s and 2 runs scored. But he also got ejected in the ninth after throwing his helmet on the dirt after grounding out in a double play. That was the first time Bryce Harper got ejected in his career. Harper got close to being ejected several times for breaking his bat purposely after striking out. Was it a good game or bad? What do you...

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Here comes College Football!

College football is starting and my big questions are – How will the top 3 teams do? And, especially, how will my favorite team, Michigan do? The top team this year is the USC Trojans and also my #1 team. The Trojans are probably the team to beat this season, with star QB Matt Barkley. He has a lot of hopes to win the Heisman Trophy this year. This is now USC’s year to win it all. The #2 team is defending champ Alabama. In my opinion Alabama should not be there even though they are coming off a winning season because of the loss of Running Back Trent Richardson. No good running game this year for Bama, that’s right. The # 3 team, the LSU Tigers do not deserve this spot because of the loss of Tyrann Matthieu. The Tigers got to the Championship because of Matthieu. Big loss for LSU. Michigan, ranked #8, will have a very good season because of QB Denard Robinson. Nicknamed Shoelace because of speed. Shoelace will have his best season yet because of his running game and because he really knows his team well. Who do you think will win the championship this...

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New Strategy Rex… Touchdowns!

It’s simple enough Jets, throw the ball to someone in the end zone. That’s all Jet fans want you to do. The NY Jets did not score a TD all Preseason. The Jets have 21 pts on 7 field goals. That’s it. I hope that’s not the way the the Jets will play this...

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A great week in Baseball

What a week in Baseball! The great week started with Adrian Beltre’s 3 HR’s vs the O’s, the HR’s were absolute bombs. The next game he hits another blast, and 2 games later he hits for the cycle. What a week for Beltre! Then Chris Davis of the O’s hits 3 bombs in one game! That was the 2nd 3 HR game in the MLB this WEEK! Then a trade that made my mouth drop beetween the Red Sox and the Dodgers. Going to LA was star Outfielder Carl Crawford and amazing pitcher Josh Beckett, (well maybe not this year). The biggest part of the trade was for star 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez and 3rd baseman Nick Punto who both went to LA. The Sox got 1st baseman James Loney, 3-4 Minor Leauge prospects includes the Dodgers #2 prospect going into next season. WOW!...

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